I Regret Nothing!

Winter greets me as I head to the market

Today has been a pretty great day.

I slept in until the crack of 6:30. I know – I’m a wild man. Even better, I didn’t jump out of bed immediately. Instead, I remained within the warm confines of my blankets while Elliot softly purred next to me.

Eventually, however, Elliot decided he’d get up and stretch. I took his advice and did the same. It was only then that I realized I had slept in an awkward position (apparently) because my neck didn’t like when I lowered my left ear to my left shoulder. All day I’ve been working on getting rid of the kink, and only about an hour ago did it finally release. It’s still a bit tender, but nothing like it was when I woke. That alone was enough to make my day. But wait – that’s not all. It got even better!

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.

After breakfast (oatmeal and a coffee – of course), Mr. Jasper Tey came by and we headed to the market. It has been a number of weeks since I’ve been to the market, so it was great to get out and enjoy a brisk snowy Saturday morn. I picked up some lamb sausage from Thatcher Farms, some chicken and mushroom meat pies, and a delicious bag of apple cider donuts. I know I shouldn’t eat those, but I figured I deserved a treat. I really don’t have any justification for deserving a treat, but I really didn’t feel that I needed one. Point is, I wanted apple cider donuts, I bought apple cider donuts.

I regret nothing!

Following my market outing with Jasper, we headed to The Joint Cafe to meet up with Dr. Mark. There we chatted and laughed and chatted and laughed. Jasper enjoyed some very tasty looking breakfast, Mark had a very tasty looking mocha latte, and I had my third coffee of the day (as we may have stopped off at Planet Bean so that I could warm my soul with a vanilla soy latte).

You are right to be jealous. These are freaking delicious.

Eventually, Jasper and I found our way to B-Chocolate, Chocolates & Cafe. This would be the first time that either of us had set foot in this local chocolatier – which is amazing considering it has been around for over a year and I am an unapologizing chocoholic. Jasper enjoyed a freshly made hot chocolate (made with dark chocolate). Sadly, the dairy content prevented me from joining in on the fun. I did however treat myself. Again.

I couldn’t help myself. I was hypnotized by the delicious treats that were set before me. It’s like each little morsel were shouting out to me – if you don’t eat us, our purpose will never be fulfilled. And who am I to deny an inanimate piece of chocolate the satisfaction of achieving its purpose?

This box is full of chocolate deliciousness.

Moral of the story. I bought a bunch of dark and delicious chocolate. Fifteen pieces to be exact.

I regret nothing!

Since the day was far from over, I opted to hit up a session of hot yoga with my friend Mark. Not Dr. Mark, the other Mark. Actually, there are a lot of Mark’s in my life, and all of them are pretty awesome. I wonder if it’s in the name? I digress.

Anyway, I’m home now doing pretty much what I did when I started the day: lounging in my bed while Elliot softly purrs beside me. Except now instead of breakfast, I’m going to enjoy a delicious piece of fine chocolate.

Yup – As days go, this one has been pretty great.

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