A Cruel Master

Photographic evidence of my forced confinement. Such a cruel kitty.

Today was a lot of fun – day 1 of a 3 day long training session with the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Much of the morning was spent talking about data exploration – that is, getting to know the data before you actually begin any sort of analyses – and data visualization (which is also known as making graphs – but that doesn’t sound nearly so scientific or fancy as visualization).

The afternoon was all about modelling – simple linear regression to be precise. That’s when I got to be a lot more nerdy, especially given that it was an opportunity for me to drop words like multicollinearity and homoscedasticity on the audience. Of course, those words weren’t necessarily new to the people in attendance, but the concepts might not have been fresh. As such, I took the opportunity to refresh everyone’s memory, and probably enjoyed myself more than I should have.

After forced confinement, I may have gone a touch insane. Or perhaps we found the effects button on my Mac.

Anyway, after talking for so many hours I can honestly say that I was spent. The second I got home, I dropped my bag at the door and then plopped myself down on the couch.

Unfortunately1 for me, Elliot immediately curled up on my chest and forced me to remain where I had plopped. I was being held hostage by the wee Fuzzball! Having nowhere to go, and seeing no recourse, I was forced to have a wee short nap while he purred maliciously on my chest.

He’s such a cruel master.

And on Family Day of all days.

1 I really wish there was a sarcasm font.

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    1. dangillis says:

      ZOMG YES! YES! 1000 TIMES YES! That is awesome!

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