Back On Track

First post migraine run

It’s amazing what more than 5 hours of sleep will do for the body.

I know that isn’t new information to pretty much anyone, but given how little I sleep, anything beyond 5 hours is a luxury.

Last night, I awoke after sleeping for only 4.5 hours. Normally this scenario would involve me leaping out of bed to take on the day. But not today. Oh, not today. Instead, I realized hey, I’m on vacation. As such, I rolled back over and slept for another two hours.

ZOMG – more than 6 hours! Insane.

Anyway, after Rick headed to work (sucker) I took care of a few emails, wrote up some invoices, and updated my CV. After that excitement, I headed out for a few hour jaunt. The weather was crisp but very tolerable. I explored the University of Calgary campus, and managed to find my way to Starbucks for some much-needed java deliciousness. I also managed to find myself some new running clothes (on sale no less), and some running gloves.

This will be Rick and me tomorrow. W00t!

And since I picked up new running gear, it only seemed appropriate to test it out. So I headed out for my first run post migraine. And it felt great. Slippery, but great. The weather couldn’t have been better. While it wasn’t the fastest run ever, it just felt great to get out and breathe in the crisp winter air.

Beyond that, it felt great to get back to marathon training. The last week or so had been so hectic and such that I was beginning to feel rather fat and lazy. I know that neither of those were the case, however, that is how I felt. After today’s run, I’m feeling back to normal and ready to take on the world.

And good thing, because Rick is home and we are just about to head out to the orientation session for the ice climbing adventure. I’m so stoked!


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