Fear The Spatial-Temporal Pie-Free Singularities

Oh sweet Natalie Dee - we were ready for some pie, but it was nowhere to be found. Why do you insist on mocking us?

Yes, yes, we get that yesterday was Pi-Day. When are you going to shut up about it?

Great question. Soon, I promise1.

Until then, let’s get back to this \pi thing. Specifically, let’s talk about the little Pi-Day adventure that Jasper and I went on yesterday in our never-ending quest to eat pie on Pi-Day. And let me tell you, it was a rather epic adventure. In fact, it was so epic that it left me wondering

Does any Guelph restaurant serve pie anymore?2

Because, based on the number of pie-related rejections that were thrown at us yesterday, it would seem to me that very few of them do. It made me wonder if all of the pie in Guelph had been consumed – a sure sign of a successful Pi-Day – or perhaps, if they had mysteriously vanished. Perhaps all pies were raptured and nobody noticed until now.

Anyway, since I’m off to another meeting I will leave the full details of the story to Jasper. So without further ado, I present to you Jasper and Dan’s Grand Pi-Day Hunt for Pie3.

1 Whereby soon should be assumed to mean never. HA! I love Pi!

Cleary the answer is yes. However, I think Jasper and I had stumbled onto some spatial-temporal pie-free singularity. I know – it is as scary as it sounds.

3 Live the epic struggle of our intrepid explorers. Identify the very moment they became \pi-abetic. See the Pi-Day miracle with your very own eyes. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. It will become a part of you.


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