A Little Slice Of Heaven

If these were my muscles, they'd all be super tight and unhappy. I think that means they'd have sad faces. Because tight muscles are sad muscles. Ask any scientician.

I’ve opted not to run this eve.

I’ll give you a minute to recover from that ever so shocking news.

It’s true. I’m not running this eve. My knee feels a bit wobbly from my long run on Saturday, and it’s probably best if I let it rest an extra day before carrying on with my training. As much as today would have been an awesome day to run, I’d rather not injure myself before the season even gets started. Especially since the first of this season’s races is this Sunday – the 30k Around the Bay in Hamilton. Eep!

Instead of running, I’m going to spend some quality time stretching as many of the muscles in my legs as I can. The goal is to reduce the tightness in the muscles (especially in the hip flexors), because this in theory should mean less pulling on my IT band. The less pulling there is on my IT band, the less wobbly my knee feels. It’s all very scientific, and I’m definitely not the scientician to explain the highly technical biomechanical bric-a-brac that provides cause-and-effect pathways from tight muscles to wobbly knees.

All I know is that when I apply gentle pressure to some of the muscles, I can feel the result in and around my left knee. It’s not pain that I feel, it’s tightness. Pain would be a problem. Tightness, if treated properly, shouldn’t be. Tightness like this is rather common for me after a long run – so it’s nothing for me to be alarmed about – so long as I stretch and listen to my body when it says it needs a rest. Like today.

Anyway, this means that I’m currently rolling around on my acuball. In fact, I currently have it “massaging” an extra tight spot in my left hamstring. I write “massaging” because what I really mean is nothing like the gentle relaxing experience that one might normally associate with the word. No, in this case “massaging” means placing the acuball on the tight area of the muscle, then applying as much weight as I can while rolling on the ball. The effect is both painful – breathtakingly so – and, at some magical point in time, releasing. Because at the very moment when the muscle fibres seem to finally give in and relax – well that’s just a little slice of heaven.

And really, that’s all I’m looking for this eve: a little slice of heaven.


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