An Open Letter To Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

He looks cute, but don't take your eyes off of him. He might punch you in the face.

I want to start off by saying thank you for the winter that wasn’t. For me – one who hates the cold with every fibre of his being despite the fact that I often can be found running on the coldest of days, hiking icy trails, and sometimes even ice-climbing, or bobsledding – this was a blessing. Walking to and from work were a breeze! Don’t get me wrong. I was still cold, but not bitterly so. Thank you. Me and my parts very much appreciated it.

And now, now you give us this – this amazing week of summer-time weather. Awesome.

But – and please don’t take this the wrong way – I have to ask: what gives? What did we do to deserve this? Or is this some sort of trickery? You’re not going to dish out these amazing days only to punch us unexpectedly square in the face with Old Man Winter? Or are you?

I’m keeping an eye on you.



For those that aren’t enjoying the summer-time weather that Guelph and the rest of Southern Ontario are experiencing, let it be known that today we hit a record shattering 26 degrees Celsius. To my imperialist friends, that’s 78.8 Fahrenheit. On March 21st. The first full day of spring1.

It feels even warmer if we factor in the humidex. That’s right folks, I wrote humidex. On March 21st, which is – in case you had forgotten from an entire paragraph ago – the first full day of spring.

I can’t even begin to imagine what this might mean for the summer (if it means anything at all).

Now, you might be thinking Really Dan? Really? A post about the weather? Is that what this has come to? And the answer is I have no idea. In all honesty though, this is really an extended lead up to something that absolutely relates to the weather. I promise.

As I wrote above, I’m not a fan of the cold. So, given that spring is pretending to be summer you’ll naturally understand my delight. And how am I celebrating beyond wearing short pants (but not these short pants), and smiling like an idiot as the sun shiny rays hit my face on my walks to, from, and around the school? I’ve decided to book a wee adventure.

That’s right folks, I’ve decided to pack up my bags once again, hop on a plane and fly away from my home. My home where the weather is so amazing that a beach visit isn’t out of the question. And to where am I flying?

The record high temperature for March 21 was set in 1979 - at 15 Celsius. Today we hit 26.

Why none other than chilly2 Calgary, Alberta of course.

Wait. What? 

That’s right dear readers. I’ve decided to head to Calgary to visit Rick again. I’ve opted to leave this weather and fly to Calgary where the temperature was 4 Celsius today. Clearly I’ve lost my mind. But let me explain.

  1. I couldn’t say no to the deal. A seat sale meant a round trip flight with WestJet was only $447.23 (thank you so much @FCPenno.)
  2. Further, I had a $250 credit with WestJet that I had to use by April 20th.
  3. Remember that credit that I mentioned just a bullet ago? I bought that off of someone last year that was trying to get rid of it for $160. Which means my trip was actually $357.23.
  4. I felt the need to adventure, and Rick is my go-to-guy for adventure.

Anyway, nothing beyond running and hiking have been planned as of yet, but I’m sure something crazy awesome will present itself to us (it always does). I can tell you this much – I’ll be heading out for Easter weekend. I fully expect Rick to have chocolate on hand to satisfy my Easter related chocolate cravings. I also fully expect Rick to buy me a Better Than Nescafe beverage from The Coup, since last time we failed epically on this front. But most of all, I expect (and I know) that the weekend will be filled with a lot of fun, a lot of laughter, and some most excellent quality time with that ugly dude I like to go on adventures with (pssst – Rick, that’s you – ZING).

Whatever happens, I know it’s going to be awesome.

1 I write full day of Spring, because spring officially began in the Northern Hemisphere at 1:14 AM (EDT) yesterday – March 20th.

2 I realize that Calgary isn’t always chilly. In fact, by the time of my trip it very well may be the warmer of the two locations.

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