I Wonder Where I Am Right Now

30 kilometres. I've got this.

About 1.5 hours ago (9:30am) Carolyn and I started the 30k Around the Bay race in Hamilton. Eeep!

At this point, I figure we should be at least halfway through the course. If you look at the map below1 – we’re probably somewhere around the 15km point. Of course, I’m not really sure where we are. It will all depend on how we feel. Both of us have been a bit nervous about this race – which is weird because we’ve both been training for this, and because we’ve both run longer distances before. I mean, the marathon is an extra 12.2km, so what do we have to worry about?

We’ve got this.

Anyway, if we are halfway – w00t! If we’re more than halfway, even better. If we’re less than halfway – well who cares? We’re running 30km.

If I’m pacing as I did during my last long run – 5 minutes 20 seconds per kilometre – then I may actually be closer to 17km. And that would be awesome.

But that’s not good enough Dan. I want to know exactly where you are right now! You say.

Well fine. Just because I spoil you, and assuming that I know how to use the interwebs correctly, if you click here you should find yourself instantly transported via the intertubes to a map that should indicate exactly where I am right now2. Seriously. It’s all through the magic and wonder of RunKeeper. And, dear readers, if this actually works I’ll be able to check off items #75 and #250 from my Not-So-Bucket-List list.

Wherever I am, so long as I’m not in agony, twitching on the ground, being carried off the course because I collapsed into a quivering mass of suck-bag, or have lost all control over my bodily functions, I will be a happy man.

See you at 30k!

At this point, I hope to be at least at the 15km point.

1 You know what makes me feel a little throw-uppy? Check out the elevation chart underneath the map. That’s right, after running a half marathon, we finish the race by running uphill. A lot.

2 Oh the interwebs. Is there nothing you can’t do?

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    That map makes me want to throw up just looking at it!

    1. dangillis says:

      LOL. You win the award for best comment of the day. Thanks 🙂

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