The Shenaniganning Continues

This is how we plan.

Sometime last year – early November to be somewhat more specific – I received a text from Rick about a new and wonderful adventure.

That adventure was ice-climbing.

On receiving the text, it took me all of about a millisecond to respond with a resounding hells ya.

Well, flash forward a few months – basically just far enough to be a few weeks ago. Rick mentioned to me in an email that he and his family were going to be doing some adventuring once he makes his way back to Ontario for the Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canadain June.

Despite the fact that Rick and I have also planned our own sets of adventures beyond what he’s going to be doing with his family2, I was still the teensiest bit jealous of the adventuring they were going to do. In fact, I may have had a minor pity party as I sat in my office and pouted. Then I realized that Rick should have time with his family and I was just being a big stupid baby. And big stupid babies are the stupidest of all big babies. I did not want to be a big stupid baby.

And then something work related happened, and I completely forgot about Rick’s family adventure.

This is going to happen.

Until today, when I received an email from Rick outlining the details of his family day-o-adventure. But this wasn’t an email to brag or to punch me in the face with his awesomeness – this was an email to inform me about when I should be booking if I decided to join in on the fun.

As if I had to decide. The decision was made before I had even finished reading the email.

I beamed. After calming myself, I sent him a quick text to make sure it was okay to tag along on a family adventure3. Thankfully, his brother Ryan was the one who opened up the adventure to non-family members, so Rick assured me that it was fine. And that was all it took to remove any sense of intrusion from my mind.

Within several minutes, I was on the phone with visa in hand. Several minutes after that my reservation was set. Because that’s how we plan things – an adventure is found, and everything after that just sort of happens without too much thought or effort. And I love that about our adventures.

So there you have it, dear readers. You now have the story of how I managed to book my next skydiving adventure with Rick– June 8th to be exact – the sky is the limit, and I can’t freaking wait.

1 Also known as nerdfest 2012.

Such as zip-lining5, and hopefully the CN Tower Edge Walk6.

I’m guessing that the lag between email, calming myself, and texting Rick was no more than 2 seconds.

Satisfying item #183 on my Not-So-Bucket-List list.

Satisfying item #20 on my Not-So-Bucket-List list.

Satisfying item #201 on my Not-So-Bucket-List list.


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