Destination Awesome

Elliot asks: can I come too?

After a relatively late evening1, and a very early wake up call2 I found myself headed to Pearson Airport. Destination: Awesome. Er, Calgary.

Arriving at the airport at the bright-and-early time of 4:15 meant that I had almost 2.5 hours to kill before boarding. I attempted to nap stretched out over several chairs but to no avail. I guess I was just too wired3. Instead, I chose to peruse Terminal 3. I’ve been in this terminal before, but it was a very long time ago.

I’d like to say I found something of note, but I did not. Unless of course you include all of the people who slowly trickled into the terminal who were clearly destined for places exotic. In fact, I contemplated hanging around a little longer than my scheduled departure time of 7:05am because the next flight out of gate B40 was headed to Cuba. Ahhhhh, to land somewhere and immediately feel the need to lose my pants while the sunshine-y sunshine kissed my face – ya, very tempting.

Of course, I didn’t wait around on the off-chance that I could go to Cuba. The mountains were calling my name, and I was powerless to ignore them.

The flight – with WestJet – was great. The staff were very courteous and friendly, and they seemed to be having a lot of fun despite the early hour. While I enjoyed their upbeat attitudes, all I wanted to do was sleep. Knowing I was stuck where I was for almost 4 hours signaled to my brain that I was heading to zzzz-town. My head bobbed a few times and I lost consciousness for about 3.2 milliseconds. After that point my body decided it had enough with sleep and I was going to stay awake the entire flight.


Not one to lose an opportunity to be productive, I jumped on my computer4 and spent a few hours programming in C++. The C in C++ stands for cool. True story.

I touched down in Calgary shortly after 9am local time. Rick picked me up and we headed to the Market for coffee and breakfast, followed by a rather uneventful trip to IKEA. By that point, however, my body was beginning to say What the hell are you doing? I could tell I was extra-stupid tired5 because 1) I was delirious, 2) I was giggling at everything, 3) I had a very difficult time thinking about anything, 4) I had a hard time finding the words to say things, and 5) I had a mix of dizziness and vertigo that only result from sleep deprivation.

The market: includes delicious coffee, lessons in honey, samples at every corner, and breakfast.

Wisely, Rick brought me home. I proceeded to pour myself onto the couch and fell almost immediately to sleep. In fact, I believe I may have fell asleep mid-sentence, but can’t be sure because I have almost no recollection of what we were talking about.

After a 2 hour nap – I think – I’m feeling pretty rested6 and ready to start writing the newest chapter in the Dan and Rick get up to Shenaniganning: An Adventure in Adventuring story. I think I shall call this chapter Destination Awesome, or Extra-Stupid Tired Is Not A Reason To Not Be Awesome.

I digress.

Anyway, tonight is low-key: dinner with friends at The Coup, where I will be sure to sample the best drink that has ever been made in the history of drink-making. That drink, which I’ve discussed before, is known as Better Than Nescafe.

And just like Pavlov’s dog, my mouth is watering at the simple suggestion of it.

1 In bed by 1am.

2 The gawd-awful wake up time of 2:45am. Sadly, this was a necessary evil to get me to Pearson early enough to get through security and ready to board my plane on time. Apparently RedCar’s only other van wouldn’t arrive at the airport until about 10 minutes after my flight was scheduled to leave.

3 I’d blame the coffees, but really I was just excited to be getting on a plane again.

4 After watching a few reruns of the show Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place. Remember that show? Ya, neither did I. But it did star an early Ryan Reynolds – whom you might remember from such cinematic wonders as Van Wilder, and The Green Lantern.

5 Extra-stupid tired being the level of tired between sleepy and about to drop into a coma.

6 Relatively speaking.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick says:

    This blog post is quite uneventful. Disappointing really. I’m quite disinterested just writing this.

    1. dangillis says:

      I’m gonna punch you in the face.

      Actually, I’m not going to do that. I might catch your ugly. ZING!

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