Oot And Aboot

We’re off.

After having dinner last night with Paul and Vanessa at The Coup, and laughing so much my face hurt, Rick and I returned to his place to relax. Within about 5 minutes of returning home, Rick came into the living room where I was plugging away on my computer to ask if I’d want to head to the mountains today for some snowshoeing and hiking. We both knew he didn’t really need to ask.

Our plan today is simple: head towards the mountains (stopping at Starbucks first – of course) and find somewhere to go snowshoeing. We may also do something like this:

Fear not folks, we'll at least wear helmets if we're to attempt this.

But that will, of course, depend on whether Rick’s red wagon is in top form.

Also on tap: watching A Nightmare On Elm Street – because nothing rounds out a day exploring the beauty of the mountains like a gory, campy horror movie from the eighties.


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