Say No To Floppy Bits

The Run for Retina Research Half Marathon starts in about 14 hours. W00t!

It’s about 14 hours until the Run for Retina Research half marathon starts, and despite a wonky feeling knee I’m pretty excited. I’m hoping that tomorrow’s run will be one that reminds me that I can do this1.

I arrived in London earlier this afternoon and checked into the Delta London Armouries2. While it wasn’t the cheapest hotel to stay in, it was sufficiently close to the start of the race to justify the expense. Plus, I felt like spoiling myself a little bit. I could justify splurging, but really, it’s not splurging if it has to be justified. I just wanted to splurge.

I digress.

So as I mentioned, tomorrow is the half marathon. This represents the second of 5 races that I’ve registered myself in (the first being the 30k Around the Bay in Hamilton that I ran a few weeks ago). This particular run aims to raise money for retinal disease research (something that is near and dear to me). If you haven’t done so already and are able to do so, please click on the Run for Retina Research logo to the right to donate.

Anyway, according to the very nice ladies that were handing out the race kits – there are about 200 people registered for the half, and about 1100 registered for all the races in total. This will be the smallest half marathon that I’ve competed in, save for the 1 man races I’ve done during training. This suggests that crowding on the course will be left to a minimum. Further, the course runs along the river so it should be spectacular in terms of the view. Both of these things make me very happy.

The race course.

The only thing that might be an issue tomorrow is the temperature. The interwebs suggest that it might be as hot as 21 Celsius. This is about 10 degrees hotter than the temperatures that I’ve trained in. Oh well, I’ll just have to make sure I’m fuelled and hydrated appropriately. And if necessary, strip down to the bare essentials (but not too bare – because I’m sure no one wants to see floppy bits flopping about) so that I don’t overheat or exhaust myself.

As with the Around the Bay race, I’m going to broadcast my run live. Check it out here if you are bored. The race starts at 9:30am, and if all goes well I should be done by 11:30am or earlier.

21.1k – I’ve got this. W00t!

1 Where this refers to run long distances without b0rking, and better yet run a full marathon without collapsing into a puddle of gelatinous carbon based goo.

2 I could have stayed with Steph & Eric or at a cheaper hotel, but I decided to treat myself. First – I’ve never stayed at the Armouries and thought that it would be extra schwanky (which it is). Second – I didn’t want to disturb Steph & Eric since they have family staying with them. Finally – I just wanted to spoil myself3.

3 Okay, that’s probably the most important reason.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. justinbrewsbeer says:

    If a giant cursor appears to be chasing you at some point it might be mine. From here It looks sharp, I’d suggest outrunning it.

  2. Rick says:

    Awesome! Good luck 🙂

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