True Lies


Okay, remember how I said a few weeks ago that the semester had come to a close? Well, I think I specifically wrote that classes had ended.

Regardless of what I wrote, I lied.


True story. Of course, having just admitted I had lied, you might be wondering how you can trust the statement true story. Excellent point. Let’s just look past this little conundrum.

Anyway – the semester is almost over. What’s left? Grading. Sweet, sweet grading.

Today, thankfully, I took a huge bite out of my grading. Specifically, I managed to finish grading the exams for my undergraduate class. While I can’t talk about the grades (of course) I had to laugh at some of what the students wrote.

Let me be clear – I’m talking about the notes that the students wrote to me – not in response to the questions on the exam, but in response to the course itself.

Again – I can’t actually tell you what they wrote, but I can say they made me laugh and they made me smile. And that is one of the best rewards I get from teaching – connecting to students and knowing that they fully enjoyed the time we spent together – that they got something, anything from the course.

What a great way to almost end the semester.


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