Feeling Pumped Up And Throw-Uppy – Is That Legal?

During a short break between crossing off items 18 and 19 on my list of things to do today1, I decided to book my hotel for my first marathon of the season2. This just so happened to be item 20 on my list3.

However, before I booked I wanted to check to see if there were any deals for runners (which is often the case). I went to the Toronto Goodlife Marathon website and poked around to see what I could find.

Being the type of person that is easily distracted by any sort of shiny bauble or trinket, I soon found myself checking out a map of the course.

Big mistake.

My first reaction as I traced the path from the Yonge and Eglinton area as it crisscrossed Toronto for 42.2 crazy long kilometres (check out the map here), was to think

What the eff have I gotten myself into?

And then I thought

Suck it up Gillis. You’ve done this before. You’ll do it again.

Of course, the second thought was also accompanied by a rather acute feeling of throw-uppy-ness.

I shook that off and tried to look at the map from a different perspective. I noted the 10km point and remembered – I just ran 10km in a personal best time. Ten kilometres – that’s easy. Then I hit the 20km point and thought – pffft, that’s not even a half marathon. I’ve done numerous half marathons already this year and lived to tell about it. I moved on to the 30k point and, while not as confident, reminded myself that I successfully ran the 30k Around the Bay only about a month ago, and I did so with very little fuel in my belly. And then I realized that only 12.2 km remained in the route. I thought – I ran almost that distance last night on the treadmill!

I can do this, I actually said aloud, feeling rather pumped.

Okay, let me be completely honest. I did say out loud for no one in particular (except perhaps myself) to hear I can do this, and I did in fact feel pumped. But I also still felt a little throw-uppy.

Perhaps that’s a good thing? Perhaps feeling throw-uppy will ensure that I train as best as I can so that I am as prepared as I am for the big day.

Or perhaps it just means that I’m going to throw up on race day.

Whatever. I’ve puked while running before. It didn’t stop me then. It’s not going to stop me now.

I’ve got this.

1 Which was a ridiculously long 39-item list.

2 I booked the schwanky Novotel in North York – the same hotel I stayed in when I ran the Toronto Goodlife Half Marathon just about 1.5 years ago – because it’s a stones throw from the starting gate of the race.

3 Crossing off things from my list while on break – that’s just efficient, that’s what that is.


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