Oh Right, There’s Still That Thing That I Need To Do

42.2km starts all over in just over 18 days. W00t!

Remember long ago when I ran a 3:48 marathon? Ya, that seems almost like yesterday – or perhaps the day before that.

Anyway, because I had such an awesome time, and because I’m clearly a glutton for punishment, I can’t sit around and glow in the awesome-tastic results of Sunday’s marathon. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not still smiling from the results – because I am1. It does, however, mean that I need to stay focused because my next marathon is a little more than 18 days away. Eep.

That’s right folks, the Ottawa marathon is approaching fast. I repeat – Eep!

While I went into the Toronto Marathon with the goal of running sub four hours, my intended goal for the Ottawa marathon is not quite so lofty. That is, I simply want to figure out if I can run two marathons in a month2. Several people have told me that I’m crazy to try, but I figure Why not?. Worst case scenario – I crash and burn and perform terribly.

Okay, okay. The real worst case scenario would be that I crash, burn, perform terribly, and soil myself3.

Point is, I have another marathon to run in just over 2 weeks. That means I should be running a longer run this coming weekend or the weekend after that before I begin another week of tapering. I haven’t decided how I’m going to lay out my training since:

  1. The time between marathons is so short,
  2. I need to spend a bit more time in recovery mode based on last weekend’s run, and
  3. I might want to run another race this weekend in Toronto4.

Another race? Wouldn’t that make 5 straight weekends of running in a row?

Why yes, yes it would.

And that, dear friends, is probably why you are correct to call me crazy6.

1 In fact, every moment that I think about Sunday’s run I find myself grinning like an idiot.

2 And should marathon number two of 2012 go well, I may or may not be considering a longer distance. A 50k perhaps.

3 I’m skipping over the option of injury because I don’t even want to consider that possibility, other than to do everything I can to ensure that I do not, in fact, injure myself.

4 Carolyn told me about the Toronto Sporting Life 10k Run, and there is a part of me that wants to see if I can’t beat my current (and recently achieved) personal best 10k time of 45:105.

5 Hmmm, I just checked the website and apparently registration closed on the 4th of May. I might just have to do a longer run this weekend. Oh well.

6 Which I assume is short for crazy-awesome. 

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