Furniture For My Face

My old peeper-improvers. Note: I still love these glasses.

Almost a week ago I put forth a question to you, my dear readers, to garner your opinions on new peeper improvers (read glasses). The verdict – 33% of you decided that I should go with peeper improver number 4.

Flash forward to a few days ago. At that point in time you would have found me back in the store-o-eyeglasses so that I could pick up my recently re-lensed sunglasses. While I was waiting for the last-minute touch ups to said sunglasses, I perused the store and located at least 4 of the original 5 pairs that I presented in my poll for new peeper improvers.

I tried each of them on again. And then again. And then again, again. I ruled out pair number 1 as they were clearly too large for my face. Don’t misread – I really did like them – but they were big and thus uber nerdy, and let’s be honest here, I’m already nerdy enough. That is, I don’t need the added help1.

I then toyed with the remaining three pairs. It wasn’t an easy decision. Ultimately though, 2 had to be thrown aside. And that I did. The lesser glasses were discarded, left behind in the wake of the clear winner.

Personally, I feel that the winning pair are nerdy, wrapped in sophisticated professionalism, deep-fried in professorly, and coated in sexy-beast. Basically everything that anyone would ever want in a pair of glasses.

My new glasses 🙂

But how do they compare to my old glasses? Good question. While the shape is similar, they differ in colour (my old pair were brown, while the new pair are black – the pictures don’t really capture this), and the arms are different.

Subtle? Yes.

Different? Absolutely.

Nerdastic? Without a doubt.

Whatever the description, all I know is that I love my new glasses.

1 It’s similar to when I order a coffee and I’m asked if I want sugar. Of course not, I reply, I’m already sweet enough2. Ha!

2 Okay, maybe sweet isn’t the term I’d use to describe myself.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. aqcentric says:

    Apparently your new glasses make you take your shirt off a lot more. Just a journalistic observation.
    Unless you are wearing one in the pictures in which case I should get glasses.

    1. dangillis says:

      An excellent observation, however correlation does not imply causation. To be honest, I was just really warm.

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