All It Takes Is Pie

Poor Sponge Bob.

Today I headed to Cape Croker – just north of Wiarton, Ontario – with two undergraduate students, two graduate students, and one Post Doctoral Fellow. This band of misfits included 3 biology students (1 who is transitioning from biology to statistics), 1 computer science student, and 1 engineer. Oh, and me – a card-carrying PhD and Assistant Professor of all things nerd-tacular1.

To say the car was full of nerds would have been an understatement2.

The purpose of our trip was to visit Cape Croker, meet some people, attend some meetings, and tour the facilities and the area, all with the intention of informing or supporting the research that we do. While not all of these goals were met – some meetings were cancelled – the day was still successful for several reasons.

First, I learned that where I thought we had little biological data on a particular species of fish, we actually have a lot – it’s just not in a form that I can work with – yet. Even better, my newest URA – Stephen – is working with me this summer to create a database for storing such information. Seeing how the data are currently recorded makes designing a better system that much easier.

Mmm, pie.

Second, it’s always awesome to get to know one’s students better. Being in close quarters – such as a van – for several hours (6+) really helps. What did I learn? Not only are these students nerdy, they are also great people, and quite hilarious. We spent most of the day laughing and enjoying ourselves. So much so, that it seemed a lot less like work and a lot more like awesome-sauce.

Third, we found Sponge Bob Square Pants. Except he was nailed to a tree. On second thought, I’m not sure that this actually is a reason to consider the day a success. It’s definitely a reason to consider the day weird. 

Fourth, even great days can be made better with the addition of pie. Especially if that pie is homemade. And filled with blueberries. Wild blueberries. Oh, and served warm. Perhaps with coconut milk ice cream3.

Okay, let’s be honest. Today would have been more than successful if nothing other than pie happened. True story.

Anyway, having recapped my day and relived the joy of buying a pie, I’m feeling a bit peckish – almost as if there is a spot in my belly specifically reserved for pie. Weird.

I wonder wherever I shall find pie at this hour? 🙂

1 Okay, maybe not all things nerd-tacular, but a lot of things nerd-tacular. Also, I don’t really carry a card. Perhaps I should.

2 It would also have been incorrect, because we had room for at least 2.75 more nerds.

Dan was almost Sad Dan because he was out of coconut milk ice cream, and then Almost Sad Dan realized that he still had pie, and thus Almost Sad Dan chose not to be sad.


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