Life Is Good

An excellent start to a most excellent day.

As anyone in the Guelph area (and pretty much anywhere in Southern Ontario) will know, today was a fantastic first day to the Victoria Day long weekend. I don’t recall a single cloud in the sky, the temperature was summer-like, and I’m pretty sure that I managed to get a bit of colour on my otherwise pasty white skin.

My day started with a coffee outside (thanks to the recommendation-slash-dare by Jeremy Newton1). Shortly thereafter, I made my way to Eggcetera with Manon for a very serious breakfast of bacon2 and eggs. This was clearly power food for our epic trip to the Farmers’ Market.

Best thing about today’s trip to the Market? Donuts AND fresh strawberries. Specifically, fresh Ontario strawberries. So freaking tasty3. I also picked up some tasty asparagus and another jar of raw honey4. The asparagus were introduced this evening – by way of my belly – to some elk, some corn, and some black beans. My belly is very happy.

After the market I met up with Kyle and Ian to go for a long run. My goal was to do anything longer than a 16k, given that this is my last run before the Ottawa Marathon next weekend. Eep. Anyway, the run was fantastic, the company was great, and I managed a little farther than a half marathon. Hopefully this means I’m ready for next weekend. The only thing that has me worried is the potential for another hot day. The temperature clearly slowed me down today, and I was knackered by the time I got home.


I want all of these.

So knackered in fact, that when I sat down on my bed to remove my extra-sexy compression socks I must have blinked. For an hour and a half. That’s right, I was so exhausted that my body decided that it absolutely needed a 1.5 hour nap.

Anyway, It’s not that the temperature will stop me from running next weekend, but I’d rather not be completely knackered after the marathon. Tired is to be expected. Knackered, not so much.

After waking, I set to finish my laundry, clean up the dump I had been calling a kitchen for the past week, and get groceries. In between, I treated myself to some delicious Starbucks, and I may or may not have purchased a new pair of shorts and a 6 pack of Hoptical Illusion.

Now I’m home. Elliot is purring beside me, there is a very pleasant breeze coming through the window, I’ve a book in hand, and I’m considering pouring one of those tasty Hoptical Illusions I purchased earlier.

First things first though – I need me some strawberries.

1 Or @ibakeglutenfree on The Twitter. Jeremy is also the gluten-free baker at Portions – a most excellent store in town for any and all of us who might have food allergies or sensitivities and who also like tasty things. If you haven’t been to Portions you should go, especially if you are looking for a gluten free diet that doesn’t taste like sawdust. Let me put it this way – his cinnamon rolls are freaking amaze-balls in gooey cinnamon-y roll awesome-sauce. He also makes non-dairy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. If not for self-control, he might become my crack dealer – whereby crack I clearly mean non-dairy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

2 Mmmmm, bacon.

3 I’m about to go prepare myself a small bowl of strawberries, raspberries, granola, and maybe a bit of almond-coconut milk. Begin salivating now.

4 I go through this rather quickly, as I put 1 tbsp of it in my oatmeal every morning, and usually have a spoonful or two of it prior to, during, or after a long run.

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