A New Goal


Yesterday while running something crossed my mind. Specifically, I thought wow, I’ve run a lot of half marathons this year.

And then I wondered how many half marathons have I run? More specifically, how many runs have I completed that are longer than 21.1 kilometers?

After that, of course, I wondered would I be able to run 12 half marathons (or a longer distance) in 12 months?

So naturally when I got home (and after I had a nap), I started reviewing my running logs. And after reviewing the data I realized that I’ve completed a lot of half marathons (or greater) so far this year.

Which means that I could manage 12 half marathons in 12 months.

And so, just like that a new challenge was born. I am going to attempt to run at least 12 half marathons (as either part of my training for other longer races, or as official races) in 12 months.

Currently, I’ve completed the following races:

  1. February 2012 – 21.64 km – training run
  2. March 2012 – 25.75 km – training run
  3. March 2012 – 30.56 km – Around the Bay 30k
  4. March 2012 – 21.54 km – training run
  5. April 2012 – 21.21 km – Run for Retinal Research Half Marathon
  6. May 2012 – 43.00 km – Toronto Goodlife Marathon
  7. May 2012 – 21.37 km – training run

This means that finishing 12 half marathons (or greater) in 12 months should be an easy task.

Perhaps I should make it at least 1 half marathon a month. Something to ponder.

For now, I’ve added a new item to my Not-So-Bucket-List. Check it out – it’s #275. W00t.

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  1. Rick says:

    You’ll smash this goal no problem, w00t!

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