Back On Track


Yesterday I was faced with the harsh reality that my travel-from-Guelph-to-Toronto-via-first-class-train adventure was almost derailed1 because of a potential Via Rail strike. The strike would have meant that the trains intended to get me to Ottawa from Guelph would not be in service and I would have to make alternate arrangements to get to and from the capital for this weekend’s marathon.

Of course, the strike started shortly after midnight today and as such many were wondering what this would mean in terms of train service and pre-purchased tickets, and how this might affect the morning commute, cross-country travel, and boxcar jumping.

Shortly after arriving to the office this morning I had my answer. My not-so-first-class-but-still-rather-comfy trains from Guelph to Toronto and Toronto to Guelph were not affected. However, my first-class-and-oh-so-comfy trains from Toronto to Ottawa and Ottawa to Guelph were affected.

Or at least, partially affected.

What does partially affected mean?

I’m coming for you Ottawa!

It means that the trains will run from Toronto to Brockville, and then alternate transportation will be provided2. I can only assume that alternate first class arrangements will be made. Clearly this must involve a limo stocked with fresh oysters, caviar, and only the best of champagnes, right?

Needless to say, it seems that the gods-o-wanderlusting and the gods-o-marathoning got together and decided collectively to smile on me, as I shall arrive in Ottawa on Friday as scheduled – although perhaps a little later than originally thought.

So dear friends, there was no need to worry, no need to panic. While my first class adventure to Ottawa has been modified slightly, I’m still going to Ottawa, and I’m still going to attempt my second marathon in a month.

You might say my plans are back on track3. Ha! I kill me.

Okay. I’ll stop now.

1 Ha! See what I did there?

2 Similar arrangements will be provided from Ottawa to Brockville, and then I’ll board the train in Brockville, heading to Toronto in first-class comfort.

3 Zounds! There I go again!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick says:

    You’re so clever- “back on track”. Where do you come up with these things??

    1. dangillis says:

      They just come to me. It’s a gift. Ha!

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