Stupid Voices

Go go gadget race gear.

In just a few hours marathon number two for the month of May will begin. This will be my third marathon overall, and the second of three that I’ve planned for the 2012 running season.

You might be wondering how I’m feeling? I mean, by this point running 42.2km in one go is probably old hat to me – common, boring, been there and done that.

Not even in the slightest.

Truth be told – I’m still nervous and excited and a bit throw-uppy.

I think the fact that I’m still nervous and excited and a bit throw-uppy is a good thing. It keeps me focused. It keeps me in the moment. It ensures that I listen to my body – slowing down if I need to, or kicking myself in the ass in order to pick up the pace if I’m out there playing it too safe.

Along with the nerves are the voices in my head that suggest that I can’t run 42.2km. That it’s too long, or I’m too weak. I think they will likely always be a part of the post race ritual. Fortunately I have twice proved to myself that these voices of dissent are wrong. Not only that, they are stupid.

I can do this, and I will.

So look for me tomorrow. I’ll be the guy in bib 2056, wearing the bright red compression socks, and hopefully smiling from ear to ear. Because I’ll be running another marathon, knowing full well that I have it in me to complete.

I’ve got this.

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