Take Two Starts Now

I don’t always wear underwear, but when I do, they’re underroos.

Hey Ottawa, it’s on. That’s right folks, the Ottawa Marathon starts right now.

For those of you who might want to follow my progress, you can do so via the super-duper extra-awesome live feed via RunKeeper. If you’re following along, I’ll be the small dot that sort of looks like me. And hopefully if you’re following along, I’ll be the small dot that sort of looks like me kicking some serious marathon ass. I’m not exactly sure what that will look like, but hopefully you’ll recognize it if it’s happening.

If you’re reading this post after 7am (the official start time), my goal is to have covered at least 10.55 km by 8am, 21.10 km by 9am, 31.65 km by 10am, and finish the marathon by 11am.

Of course, given that my last marathon was 3 weeks ago, I’ll be more than happy just to finish. I really have no idea how my body is going to respond to running two marathons in a three week period – but I guess you and I are about to find out. W00t!

As with my previous marathon, I’m going to set up my iPhone to read any incoming tweets (80 characters or less). So, if you’ve got some words of encouragement, or if you want to remind me that there are zombies chasing me – a subtle yet effective way to say Move your ass Gillis – feel free to send me a message.

See you in 42.2 kilometres.

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