Stupid Head

This is pretty much how I felt as the day progressed. Granted, I don’t think I looked this gross . No one mentioned anything to me, and you’d figure this would be something someone would mention.

Since I’m a wild and crazy man, you might imagine that I’ve got crazy epic awesome plans for tonight, especially considering that it is Friday – the day to cut loose and party down1.

Truth be told I just woke up from a nap about an hour ago. But not just any nap, a most epic nap that was absolutely required, absolutely unavoidable, and just what the doctor ordered2.

You see dear readers, I don’t know if it was due to a lack of sleep, a build up of stress, too bright monitors, not bright enough monitors, the weather, dehydration – or any combination of these things – but I had one nasty-ass headache today. I woke up feeling off, and that feeling didn’t leave me all day. Instead it grew from a tiny inconvenient but tolerable headache into a raging screaming douche-bag of a headache with overtaxed peepers, achy everything, and a pounding that just wouldn’t stop.

As such, sleep was not an option.

Of course today was probably the worst time for a headache3 because I couldn’t avoid the office, nor could I leave early. To start, I had to get up a bit earlier this morning4 in order to re-read a set of documents for a PhD Qualifying Exam today5 (these documents being the same reason why I went to bed late). The exam was 3+ hours long and not something that I could call in sick to.

Nerdfest 2012 starts in 2 days. W00t!

Beyond that, I had to edit, finalize, approve, and print posters for the upcoming nerd-conference; also known as the Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada. It starts on Sunday and I have 3 students (2 undergrad-almost-graduate students, and 1 graduate student) presenting some of their work. I’ll also be speaking at the conference, which meant I had my presentation to work on as well.

When I finally got home this eve, I was exhausted, and ever so cranky.

Fortunately, Elliot was at the door the minute I stepped in and we immediately curled up on the couch. I scratched behind his ears as he purred contentedly and before I knew it I had drifted off to sleep. When I woke, he was still there curled up in a ball purring. My headache, while not entirely gone, was significantly less douche-y.

Moral of the story? Cats cure headaches. Or perhaps that’s just Elliot. Whatever the moral, my Friday night is about to get even more epic because I’m going to head upstairs and crawl into bed.

I lead such a rock star life.

1 Or whatever it is the cool kids are calling whatever it is they do these days.

2 Where I get to play the role of doctor. Ha! I love this role.

3 Is there a good time for a headache?

4 Let’s just say that 4:30am is an ungodly hour, and whomever invented it should be punched square in their stupid stupid face.

5 A PhD Qualifying Exam is an oral exam6 that tests the base knowledge of a student who has enrolled in the PhD program. Should the student pass this exam, they are classified as PhD Candidate, and thought by those who performed the examination to be capable of completing the PhD program. It is, without any sense of overstating, a very stressful exam for the student.

6 Te he7.

7 Yes, I have the maturity level of a 12-year-old. Also, mom, I’m sure I have no idea what this means.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    Qualifying exams (or “comps” as we call them around here) are the most stressful thing ever in the history of ever. True story.

    1. dangillis says:

      Agreed. We have comps and quals. Comps = written portion. Quals = oral portion. Te he. Oral.

      1. Beth says:

        Ah, interesting. We don’t differentiate between the written & the oral part – it’s all just called comps.

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