Feeling Zippy

Itchy head after wearing a helmet all day.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, rested, non-headachy, and ready for adventure1. Fortunately for me, adventure was exactly what this doctor had on order. Specifically, adventure in the form of zip-lining with Rick and Jasper2.

The morning started off with a trip to Starbucks (of course) for go-go juice and a lunch order. It may or may not have also included banana chocolate chip muffins, because zip-lining demands such sugary treats. After purchasing the necessary fares we were off to Elora, and before long we were strapping into our safety gear, putting on our helmets, setting our figure eight clips, and learning the ins and outs of rappelling down the side of a cliff.

Apart from the different equipment and knots, this was all very old-hat for Rick and me as we’d learned how to do this during our caving and our ice-climbing adventures. Regardless, being good students we paid close attention. Rick was the first victim over the edge, and as always, he made everything look easy. Jerk. Ha! After a guided rappel each, we were allowed to venture over the cliff on our own. Good times.

Flying through the air. W00t!

Once everyone was comfortable controlling the speed of descent and proving they could handle stopping should they need to, we moved on to the zip-line area. It wasn’t long before we were strapped in and taking a giant running leap off the cliff. The zip-line had us flying across the gorge and over the raging3 river below. Awesome.

Our zip was set to automatically stop three-quarters of the way across the gorge. This allowed for some excellent views of the river below and the scenery around us. Once we were ready, we had a controlled rappel to the river – stopping about 2ft above the water. Definitely an excellent experience given that the waters were quite muddy, raging, and threatening enough to pull us quickly downstream should we actually fall in.

After chatting with our instructor Kevin, Jasper, Rick and I have decided that we are going to try to organize another adventure with him. This time however will be another caving adventure later in the fall.

Because what’s a grand adventure if it doesn’t end with plans for more adventuring?

1 It’s amazing what a few hours of sleep and a headache curing kitty named Elliot will do for me.

2 I’d say that this makes our zip-lining adventure an unofficial meeting of Nerd Caucus. However, with only three of us there, I’m not sure we can say that quorum was achieved. I’ll have to check our charter.

3 Thanks to all of the recent rain.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie Dixon says:

    WOOT! What fun!!!! I can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow and the rest of this week! GO NERDS GO!

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