Let The Nerding Begin

Elliot takes Sunday – the day of rest – very seriously.

The dishes are done, the groceries have been purchased and put away, the last of the laundry is drying, Elliot has been scratched behind the ears, his claws have been clipped, and he’s currently purring contentedly at the foot of my bed.

I’ve also managed to fit in a short 5km run – the first since my marathon last weekend, stretch, go for a walk, stretch some more, review and fix some code for one of my awesome grad students, and start organizing some posts for my other blog1.

And that dear readers, is a reason to treat myself to a tasty beer3.

Of course, my work isn’t quite finished, as I need to continue building the presentation I’m going to give on Wednesday as part of the Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada. Or as I like to call it – NerdFest 2012.

So I’m going to spend the next few hours putting my presentation together before Rick arrives and I meet up with Doctors Gerarda and Steph. I’m sure our eve will be spent catching up and trying to itemize the presentations we want to see between now and Wednesday. Let the NerdFest begin!

Oh, and before I go I thought I should point out that Jasper has put together an excellent video recap of yesterday’s zip-lining adventure. Check it out. I’ve embedded it below.

And now I’m off. There are stats to be done!

1 Yes, I have two blogs (in the event that you were unaware). The other blog is my all things academic and nerdy blog2.

2 Wait, you have a blog that is nerdier than this one? you might be questioning. And the answer to that is Yes. Yes I do. Check it out by clicking here, if you dare (insert nerdy laughter here).

3 In this case, a cold Hoptical Illusion – a very hoppy brew by Flying Monkeys brewery.


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