As If Getting My Nerd On Weren’t Enough For One Week

I’m feeling jump-out-of-a-plane-y. That’s a feeling, right?

I’m stoked. Tomorrow I’ll be jumping in the car early in the morning with Rick, his mom, and his siblings for yet another adventure. Which adventure is this? Only Skydiving Part II: Flight of the Nerdlies. In this version, Rick and I shall be playing the part of the Nerdlies1.

For Rick’s mom and siblings, this will be their first jumps. For Rick and me, tomorrow’s jump makes jump number two3. Our first jump was in Hawaii just over 16 months ago, and it was incredible. In fact incredible doesn’t do it justice. When my feet had been safely returned to terra firma I knew that I was hooked and had to jump again.

Tomorrow ends the wait. We’ll be heading out early in the morning for Skydive Toronto. There we’ll likely sign a bunch of waivers, listen to some safety videos, get strapped into our jump gear, and board the plane. Once we reach a height of about 13000 feet we jump. According to the website we’ll reach speeds of approximately 120mph.

So. Freaking. Stoked.

Anyway, while I haven’t booked it I’m going to try to get photos of the event. This clearly means that I’ll likely be posting the ridiculousness of the adventure tomorrow.

Consider yourself warned. Ha!

1 Since I’ve only met his mom once (briefly), and just met one of his brothers yesterday when he picked Rick up, I can’t honestly call them nerdly as of yet. Of course, I can’t imagine how Rick’s nerdliness wouldn’t have rubbed off on them2.

2 Fortunately his ugly didn’t. ZING!

3 One of my grad students has recently discovered the thrill of throwing oneself out of a perfectly good plane, and has decided that he needs to go again at the end of this month. I haven’t decided if I’m going yet, but he has extended the invite. Perhaps jump three and even my skydiving certification isn’t far off?


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