A Hot And Spicy Day

Pre race (hence pre-stinkification) photo for today’s 10 km Guelph Lake run.

Holy frick today was a spicy day for running. And by spicy, I mean hot. Hot, hot, hot. Thirty-one plus humidity hot. Melting my brain in the sun hot. Hot. Hot, hot, hot1.

Super hot.

Of course, I didn’t let the heat keep me from running the Guelph Lake 10 km race today. In fact, it was great to be outside on such a gorgeous day, running around Guelph Lake.

The race started around 10am. Although I was already in position behind the starting line, I was completely taken by surprise when the gun went off. And since I’m so accustomed to running when guns go off, I started running.

Chris, Amanda, and me – ready to take on Guelph Lake.

It was only after running for a kilometre when I started to wonder if I was in the correct race. That is, I wasn’t sure if there were two guns – one for the 5 km run, and one for the 10 km run. I shrugged it off, figuring that if this were the case, I was running something now and so I would just push through and see what came of it.

It wasn’t long before I realized that both races started at the same time, and that we were sharing part of the course. The 10 km runners separated from the 5 km runners at the halfway point for them. After that, is was a double loop and then a short kilometre to the home stretch.

Fixing my earphones.

Since the day was hot, I wasn’t sure what type of time to expect. The course was also hillier than my previous 10 km race, and I was sporting a new pair of shoes that had been, up until now, untested by me. This could have turned into the trinity that destroyed my hope of a good run.

Instead, everything seemed to work today. My shoes were comfortable and light and I’m sure they made me run 25% faster. Of course, the heat and the hills and the heated hills and the hills of heat all worked to slow me down. In the end, the benefits of the shoes and the expected delays due to the heat seemed to balance each other out.

Closing in on 10 kilometres. Feeling hot, but comfortable.

While I didn’t make a personal best time, I have to say that I’m still super stoked with my results. The gun time was 49:08 – an average pace of 4:55 per kilometre2.

On top of that I placed 30th overall! I have no idea how I managed to do that, but I do believe it’s crazy wicked awesome. Within my age and gender group, I was 10th. Again – crazy wicked awesome. I’m so stoked about my results.

Anyway, the Guelph Lake 10 km run makes race number 7 for the year. Next in the race queue: the Pride Run in Toronto (5 km, June 30), and the Summer’s Night Classical Run in Guelph (5 km, July 11). I’m hoping that one of these might be the run where I manage to reach 5 km in less than 20 minutes.

Wish me luck. For now, I’m off to grab an iced coffee.

1 The hotness of the day might have also been associated with the crazy amount of hotties that had chosen to run this race. Seriously, it was like a hottie convention. Of course, I was only there to run. If I happened to find myself running behind a nice bum or two, I can hardly be blamed for that. That is, there were nice bums all around – it was virtually impossible not to look. Ha!

2 Unfortunately there was no chip time, as the moment I crossed the starting line was not recorded. I imagine my chip time would have been 48:30 or thereabouts.


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