The Dangers Of My Bed

There appears to be a fuzzball on my ass.

I had the best nap in the history of naps today.

After the 90 minute lecture I gave today as part of the Geographical Epidemiology course I’m helping to teach, I decided I needed to catch up on a ridiculous list of emails that had piled up. And because I’m all about adventure, I opted to work on attaining inbox-zero1. I find it very satisfying when my inbox is empty.

Anyway, after lecturing and inbox-zero-ing I was apparently tuckered out. Clearly it wasn’t the effort of attaining inbox-zero that had exhausted me – at least I hope not, because that would be truly pathetic on my part – it was the lengthy few days leading up to today’s lecture, and the adrenaline rush (and subsequent crash) associated with teaching a 90 minute class2 that did it.

Strangely, I didn’t realize I was tired until I got home. I sat on my bed to respond to a few emails that had found their way to my inbox while I was biking home. Next thing I knew I woke up with a certain fuzzball curled up on my back. Clearly my bed had lured me in with some sort of siren song, only to trick me into a sleep that could have lasted a thousand years – or in this case, about an hour.

Tricky little trickster bed – I’m going to have to keep an eye on you now.

Despite having to shake away some of the grogginess, and perhaps wipe some of the drool from my face, I felt completely refreshed. So much so, that I toyed with the idea of going for a run. I ultimately decided against it, instead opting for some stretching.

Why not make tonight all about relaxing and rejuvenating? I asked myself.

Why not? indeed.

And so that is what I’ve done, and I have to say – it feels pretty good.

1 Which I’m happy to say I attained. W00t!

2 For those curious, my lecture today was titled Geographical Correlation I – Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Point Level Data. I know, it was exciting stuff.


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