A Big Mountain Challenge Is Calling My Name

Climbing mountains for your health. It’s the thing to do.

About 1 week ago, I was either directed to, or stumbled upon the Banff National Park Big Mountain Challenge.

What, for the love of criminy, is the Banff National Park Big Mountain Challenge?

I’m glad you asked. The Big Mountain Challenge is a contest in which the winner and a friend will be taken on three awesome mountain hikes – Cascade Mountain, Sulphur Mountain, and Temple Mountain – with a certified guide. Awesome, no?

Aurora at Banff, Canada (Cascade Mountain}
Aurora at Banff, Canada (Cascade Mountain) Photo credit: Wikipedia

But wait, there’s more! Not only does the winner and a friend get to climb these three excellent mountains, they also – once completing all three climbs – receive a $15000 cheque for a charity of their choice. If that isn’t freaking awesome, I don’t know what is.

But hold on, there’s even more! For every dollar the winner collects (up to $5000) for the charity of their choice, Banff Lake Louise Tourism will match the total. That means the charity could receive $25000! And if the winner collects even more than $5000 – who knows what the total could be.

So, why are you telling us about this Dan?

Another outstanding question.

As soon as I read the details about the contest, I realized that Rick needed to know about this. Clearly this was an adventure made for us. And with the added bonus of raising money for charity – how could we not consider entering?

And that dear friends, brings us to the now. The entry has been made. Since the contest indicates that

“One winner will be selected and the number of Likes and Comments an entry receives will be strongly considered!”

Rick likes to sing show tunes while hiking. Show tunes about kidney health. True story.

we’ve decided to work with just a single entry (under Rick’s name) so that we don’t end up vote-splitting.

Of course, this is where you come in. Remember a few lines ago where I wrote Likes and Comments would be counted? Well, this is where I ask, nay beg you to click on this link and Like or Comment the crap out of Rick’s entry (or click on the shiny button over there at the right side of the page). And don’t just do it today. Do it every day until July 27th. Because it’s good for your kidneys.

Wait, What?

Right, I forgot to mention the charity! Given Rick’s connection to nephrology research the choice of charity was obvious – the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

So folks, click on the link and vote for Rick (and me). Because climbing mountains at the end of August might just save your kidneys one day. And aren’t your kidneys worth a simple vote?


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