An Evening With Sarah

Sarah, in silver pants. Because silver pants are cool. Apparently.

Last night, for those not in the know, Sarah McLachlan held a concert at Molson Amphitheatre. What made the concert extra awesome, beside the fact that it was a Sarah concert1, was Sarah’s back-up band.

In this case, the back-up band was none other than the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Let me put this into perspective. Imagine, if you will, how amazing any concert would be on a beautiful summer day as the sun sets to the west of the Amphitheatre, and a cool breeze blows over the crowd. Imagine the perfect light that only comes with sunset. Imagine the stars slowly coming into view, one by one, as the light of the sun fades beyond the horizon.

Amazing, no?

Me and the Warrior Princess.

Now throw into the mix the incredible voice of Sarah McLachlan, the incredible talent of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and getting to hang with my favourite Warrior Princess. Pretty much the perfect concert.

I’ve seen Sarah several times now, and every time I see her I am more and more impressed with her talent. Last night’s show was extra amazing given the accompaniment of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Some of her songs seemed to have been written with the intent of having an orchestra accompanying her voice. To say that I was overwhelmed by the combination of the two would be an understatement.

Sunset at the Amphitheatre. Perfect.

I can’t honestly say which moment was my favourite moment, because in all honesty there were just too many amazing moments. However, I think one of the most incredible moments was when Sarah started singing Fear. The song is one that, when I first heard it, I assumed was a studio song. That is, a song that required so much skill as an artist, that only a perfect setting could reproduce it. Fortunately last night I heard an incredible, better-than-the-album version of it.

For your listening pleasure, I’ve embedded a YouTube video of Fear below.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next time I get to see her in concert, because I know that this is not the last.

1 Which by nature is about 10 million percent more awesome than a regular concert.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wally says:

    Can you send me that photo of the sunset? I went to the concert but didn’t get that shot. Great photo.

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