That’s Crazy Awesome

I also want to do this again. But solo.

Jeepers. Today I realized that I’ve not updated my Not-So-Bucket-List list in quite some time. In fact, it has been over a month since I’ve added something to it.

What is up with that?

I must have been out having fun crossing things off my list1, and clearly have forgotten all about updating it. You see, this list can’t be static. That would just be…wrong.

How did I realize that my list hadn’t been updated since May 19? Well, first – I’m rather nerdly2 and write the date of the last update at the bottom of the list. Second – my brother sent me the following YouTube video (embedded below). Clearly this was something that he knew I would want to do. And he’s right. I do want to do it.

Skydiving in a Squirrel Suit. I’m totally going to do that.

And because I’m the kind of guy who knows guys like Rick3, I knew immediately that he would want to know about this as well.

And I was correct. Which means I win the day, right?

Anyway, Rick’s reply to the video: That’s crazy awesome! Whoohoo.

I couldn’t agree more Rick. I couldn’t agree more.

And so, without further ado I introduce you to the newest item on my Not-So-Bucket-List list – #276: Visit Victoria Falls and Swim in the Devil’s Pool. W00t!

Oh, and just for fun I may have also added item #277: Skydive Solo, and item #278: Skydive in a Squirrel Suit.

Because why add one item when I can add three?

1 Such as items #20, #183, #247, and #258.

2 I probably should have warned you that I was about to drop a bomb. Sorry, next time I’ll have you sit down first.

3 Who is trying to win a contest so that he can raise money for the Kidney Foundation of Canada – click here to vote for him.


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