On The Road With A Pinochle Of Nerds

Getting my eat on in London.

I’m currently on the way home after a quick visit to London. The purpose of this trip – to visit some friends while stuffing my face with tasty deliciousness.

Mission very much accomplished.

We – where we included the Drs Darlington, Dixon, and Edge, as well as Almost Dr. Weijs, LLB Seaman, Almost LLB McKeen, and MPH Anderson – headed to The Runt Club1 for food, drinks, and lots of laughs.

And did I mention the food? According to the all-knowing Google, The Runt Club has London’s best pasta. While I can’t really speak to that – as I have yet to try all the pasta in London – I can say that it was freaking fantastic.

Of course, the best part of the night was hanging out with everyone. Despite the level of nerdiness present at the table, the conversation danced between high and low brow. Some of us may have been more low brow than others.

Anyway, after a long day of statistics and programming and meetings and other such academic pursuits, I can honestly say that tonight was exactly what I needed. And after stuffing my belly, I am quite ready for bed.

Oh, and for those wondering – a Pinochle is the term used to describe a group of nerds. Similar to the a murder of crows, or a pride of lions, except far nerdier. True story.

Night all y’all.

1 Okay, technically we were at Fellini Koolini’s, but I understand that these are the same restaurant – or put more precisely, two halves to the same restaurant.

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