The Countdown Starts Now

Holy crapshite it’s the end of July. Seriously, how the frick did that happen? It seems like the winter semester just ended, and here we are with the fall semester fast approaching. Eep! So much to do. So many grants to prepare, lessons to plan, papers to write, meetings to fall asleep in. Ha! Fortunately, as […]

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Taking A Break

So apparently I’ve been working steady since about 7:30 this morning. How it’s now after 11 pm is beyond me. I remember getting home around 5:30, having some food, rubbing Elliot’s belly, and then plopping myself in front of my trusty laptop to continue working on a grant application1, and one of three other draft […]

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Walking The Edge

  Apparently it’s almost the end of July. While I love August, my feelings about this point in the summer are mixed. This probably relates to the fact that August serves as a reminder that the new semester is almost here and I still have so much to do to prep for it. There’s also […]

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Suck It Up Buttercup

Several months ago, after thinking about how much running I had been doing this year, and after sitting down and tabulating all of the running that I had been doing this year, I came up with the idea that I should be doing even more running this year. Profound, no? Anyway, way back in the […]

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How To Starve A Vampire

In line with yesterday’s post that was all-Guelph-all-the-time I thought I would take the time today to write about yet another awesome Guelph-centric event. Today, however, is not about a contest. Today is a bit more serious1. Today’s post is about something that we all have in us to give. And that thing is blood. My friends Dr. […]

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