I Think My Cat Is A Nap-Hole

Apparently this isn’t a cat, it’s a nap-hole. It’s a type of black-hole in which awake-particles can’t escape. Anyone caught within its event horizon are doomed to nap.

The Canada Day weekend continues, with this of course being the big day. So Happy Canada Day all y’all.

Today was another excellent day. I awoke around 7 this morning1 knowing full well that I had nothing planned and I really didn’t need to jump out of bed.

Best. Feeling. Ever.

This meant that I didn’t need to disturb Elliot who was still purring softly next to my leg. Which of course I used as an excuse to lay about for a while. I of course checked the interwebs and played a game of KenKen or two. However, eventually I had to get up. Nature called, both in the form of hunger, and, well, nature calling.

Once I was finally up, made breakfast, fed the fuzzball, and showered, I decided that I couldn’t waste any more of the beauty that was today. As such, I hopped on my bike for a casual ride. For whatever reason, I don’t think it’s possible for me to have a casual ride. The minute I’m on the bike I want to go fast. As fast as my legs will take me. While I can’t sustain any great speed for any substantial length of time2, I did manage to hit almost 50km an hour today3.

After my ride I was inadvertently tricked into a wee catnap by a softly purring fuzzball. He was stretched out on my stripped bed4 and I thought I would lie down and rub his belly. That lasted about 5 seconds before I myself had nodded off.

Anyway, the rest of the day included chatting with my parents, walking around, and basically doing everything that had anything to do with relaxing and recharging.

Mission accomplished!

Oh, and I may have also cooked5.

Now I’m getting ready to head off to Riverside Park for the Canada Day fireworks display.

I really do love this weekend.

1 So yes, yes I did sleep in today. W00t!

2 Yet.

3 For about 30 seconds.

4 Sunday is laundry day.

5 Well, if you call heating up some fresh berries and granola cooking6. I do, but then again, my culinary masterpiece is a toasted english muffin with avocado and tuna.

6 Full recipe below.

1. Fresh raspberries + fresh wild blueberries
2. Add dairy free granola
3. Microwave for about 2 minutes.
4. Add coconut milk ice-cream. I prefer vanilla with this particular dessert, but chocolate will do – and do very well.
5. Eat. Try not to smile.


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