Unwanted Neighbours

Elliot hides his face while I deal with unwanted guests. He was right to look away. It wasn’t pretty.

Yesterday I spent part of the day FaceTiming with my parents, because my parents are clearly cool techno-geeks1.

During that conversation, a large something-or-other flew past my face.

I initially ignored whatever it was, because with my vision I often see spots or things flying around in front of me that aren’t really there2. For those who get to see me in person, you may wonder why my focus may sometimes dart around the room. It’s due to the spots that I see. I try to ignore them, but it’s not always possible.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh right.

The large something-or-other.

I took more notice of it when something in my periphery caught my attention. And that’s when I saw this ugly little bastard flying about my condo:

According to the interwebs (i.e. the almighty and all-knowing Google), this is a mud dauber. And he and his kind have taken residence in my house.


Fortunately it wasn’t a flying spider – praise the FSM – so I was perfectly comfortable hunting it down and disposing of it. Of course, after its timely demise I set myself to task to find out where it had come from (apart from the bowels of hell). I mean, why the hell would one of these things be buzzing about my home?

So flash back a day or so prior to the unwanted guest. The weather had cooled off slightly4, and I opted to turn off the A/C and instead open up my windows. There was a beautiful breeze, and I’d rather have the windows open than live in a sealed box.

This was my first mistake.

Apparently opening up my sliding door allowed the mud dauber entry to my cozy abode. But let me be explicit about the set up because it becomes important later on. The sliding door is set up in a pretty standard way: two sliding glass doors with a sliding screen door sandwiched between. The inside and outside doors were open about 3 inches (there is a device preventing them from opening further5), while the screen was closed to prevent critters entry. Obviously the screen wasn’t closed tightly enough – or it was and the mud dauber has some other secret ninja route to get into my home that I am, as yet, unaware of.

I promptly closed the sliding door and figured all’s well that ends well6.

This was my second mistake.

That large mass in the centre of the picture – that’s the mud daubers’ home.

You see, what I discovered was that the mud dauber was technically not alone, and also not far from home. Sandwiched between the outer glass door and the screen door I found a lovely nest. Closing my inner sliding glass door apparently wasn’t sufficient because today I was visited by yet another unwanted guest. One isn’t so much an issue, but should more get into the house, I’m not sure that we’re going to get along.

And remember that 3 inch restriction that I have on my sliding doors? Well, because of that I can do absolutely nothing to get rid of this nest. So I sit here, on guard for more unwanted guests. Guests who might not be so forgiving should a certain fuzzball decide to use them as batting practice.

But, here’s where it gets tricky. I also found out today that mud daubers actually kill spiders (thank you @BioInFocus). For those who aren’t aware, I am extremely arachnophobic. I feel that I’m in a the enemy of my enemy is my friend situation. How can I remove this nest given that it’s the home of those fighting off the evil spiders that are clearly out to get me?

Fortunately, I won’t have to dwell on this philosophical conundrum for long. You see, as I mention in footnote 5, the siding of my building is about to be replaced. I imagine that workers hammering against the walls of my building will not be welcomed by a swarm of temperamental mud daubers. As such, I’ll be calling the condominium corporation tomorrow to evict my unwanted guests.

1 Okay, maybe they aren’t techno-geeks exactly, but they’re getting closer to it every day. My dad has been comfortable with computers for years, and tends to pick up new technology rather quickly. My mom, however, is always worried she’s going to break the machine. Fortunately they got an iPad as part of their Christmas gift. My mom has been using quite successfully for surfing the interwebs, and FaceTiming her sons.

2 No, it’s not due to hallucinations3.

3 Although sometimes it might look like I’m hallucinating. For example, there are days when I mistake the spots for a swarm of bugs in front of me. I’ve been known to swat the bugs away – to no avail obviously – until I realize once again that there are no bugs. And I probably look insane.

4 Okay, it wasn’t so much cool as it was the same temperature outside as what I had the A/C set to. I hate the cold, so I only turn the A/C on to remove the humidity. As such, it was set to a very cool 27 Celsius.

5 The device is there while the siding is being replaced on my building. Apparently it’s a liability issue or something.

6 At least for me. It didn’t end so well for Mr7. Mud Dauber.

7 Ms? Mrs? It?


4 Comments Add yours

    1. dangillis says:

      I know! Since the A/C has been turned back on, no mud dauber entry. I think that’s the trick. Still, they’ve got to go.

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