Pfffffft – 48 Hours

This is my 300000 Calorie and uber sweaty smile.

So remember yesterday when I wrote about nearing three hundred thousand Calories logged with RunKeeper? And remember when I said that I’d cross that threshold sometime within the next 48 hours?

Ya – 48 hours. Pfffft. Whatever.

Because why do in 48 hours what one can do in 24?

And so when I came home from the office today I decided to do a little math1. That math informed me that I’d need to run 10 kilometres to pass the three hundred thousand Calorie count. This result couldn’t have been any more perfect, considering that I had a 10 kilometre run on my training schedule.

Well played Universe. Well played indeed.

So after a few moments rubbing a certain fuzzball’s belly, I jumped on the treadmill and set out on my way2. As per usual, Elliot found himself a comfy spot on my clean laundry that had been hanging on my treadmill drying prior to my run, plopped himself down, yawned, and started his exercise routine as well. Of couse, that meant he napped as I ran, occasionally lifting his head to look at me with disdain or disinterest, possibly suggesting that the noise I was making was interfering with his workout.

Since I burned an extra 100 Calories, I should probably have 2 donuts, right?

Anyway, after 48 minutes and 34 seconds I had completed a 10.06 kilometre run. I then spent an extra 20 or so minutes walking to cool down and keep my legs loose. After logging this, and my bike to and from school I checked my totals. Three hundred thousand one hundred Calories.


I know three hundred thousand is a completely arbitrary number in the grand scheme of things, but I have to say that it looks pretty damn sweet right now.

Of course, I was going to celebrate with some tasty treat – I’m staring at you Mr. Donut – but given my desire not to leave the house4 I’ve opted to have a beer. More specifically, a Smashbomb by Flying Monkey brewery. And it is most delicious5.

For those who might be wondering, the answer is yes, yes I am one beer post run buzzed. Because I’m apparently a wild man.

Here’s to the next three hundred thousand Calories.

1 Okay, I did a lot of math but that was unrelated to the problem at hand. Once that math was finished, then I did a little more to determine how far I’d have to run to cross the threshold.

2 There was absolutely no way I was going to try to run this outside, given that the great out-of-doors was approaching eleventy-billion degrees3.

3 Plus or minus, of course.

4 How is it that I can be this lazy at times?

5 Because everything tastes better after a run. True story.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    Can you send some of those eleventy billion degrees out west, to the land that summer forgot? Also, sent some Smashbomb with it. Because any beer with a name like Smashbomb is a friend of mine.

    Also, congratulations on your 300,000 Calories. That is insanely crazily insane!

    1. dangillis says:

      I will do my best. Today is supposed to be 3 degrees hotter than the seventh level of hell – without counting in the humidity.

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