Extra Crispy Deep Fried Me

Best soon-to-be tan line ever. Wait. I mean worst. Worst soon-to-be tan line ever.

So apparently the thing that I forgot to do this morning before I hopped on my bike and met up with my friend Mel, was to apply sunscreen.

In my defence, I have to wonder how anyone could be expected to remember sunscreen on a hot summer day where the sun is high in the sky and all sunshiny and potentially burny?

Okay, clearly I am an idiot. There is no defence for not putting on sunscreen. Especially given how hot it has been and how long I knew Mel and I were planning on biking.

Although perhaps I can’t be blamed completely for my stupidity. I was, if truth be told, super excited about biking with Mel. She’s a pretty hard-core biker and I wanted to train with her since I am trying to finish a 100km or even 160km bike ride this year. Obviously, in my excitement I just forgot to apply any sort of SPF.

We’ll go with that reason because it is actually true, even if the former reason – my idiocy – is also true. Which statement is truer? Good question. I’ll leave you to make up your own mind on that one.

Whatever the reason for my lack of sunscreen application, I am currently a little bit crispy in spots. Mainly my knees, my arms, and my nose. You know, those things that were most exposed while I was out biking for almost 51 kilometres. It probably didn’t help that after my bike I headed to Guelph Lake with my buddy Mark to sit and relax and enjoy the scenery. Fortunately I did apply sunscreen while at the beach, but the damage was already done.

On the bright side, the heat that is currently radiating off of my body means that I am not – for a change – cold. I may actually have to sleep without the duvet on my bed tonight.

It’s all about finding the silver-lining folks. That’s a rule. You should write it down.


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  1. One word, Ouch!
    hope it heals soon, vitamin A helps.

  2. Omg that looks painful. But this is a good, helpful article that people should read before going out into the sun. I don’t think a lot of people realize how dangerous the rays are. I just wrote an article explaining the importance and different types of sunscreen/SPF on my blog if you want to check it out:



    1. dangillis says:

      It’s not too bad actually. The photo looks much worse than it actually looks in real life (thankfully). Of course, it was still stupid of me to have forgotten sunscreen. The worst of the burn is on my upper right arm. Other than that, nothing hurts. I’ll definitely be a bit more cautious the next time I head out for a longer run or bike.

      Great post by the way. The image of the older woman was scary! I really hope it was doctored, but I’m guessing it wasn’t. Ew.

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