Black Mischief

This book holds the secret to the Black Mischief.

I’m just heading home after spending the eve at the Baker Street Station with a bunch of friends – the same friends that I joined when I went to London a few weeks back.

As expected, the night was fantastic and full of nerdery. A perfect Friday night, if you ask me. Between several pints of beer, edamame, and salt and pepper chicken wings, I’d say the night was a gastronomic success. Spending time with a group of people who always make me laugh was icing on the cake. Especially after a week that included no less than 22 hours of meetings.

Among all of the laughter, beer, and food, was a particular treat that my friend Cody found. It’s called Black Mischief. The ingredients – a pint of stout, a shot of gin, and a single shot of espresso.

Truthfully, it was fantastic. So much so, that I’m going to be ordering it again. And probably again after that. πŸ™‚

Anyway, after a long week, a Black Mischief, and a pint, I’m quite ready for bed.

So that is where I’m going. Night all y’all.


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