Fifteen Minutes Of Fame For Charity

Vote for Rick. Vote for Rick. Vote for Rick. ZOMG, vote for Rick!

Time flies when you’re doing stuff. It was just over a month ago – June 20th to be exact – when I mentioned the Big Mountain Challenge (BMC). For those who may not remember, the BMC is a contest wrapped in a charity event. And if you’ve forgotten that, then you’ll have probably also forgotten that my friend Rick has entered the BMC.

This really should come as no surprise given that Rick loves climbing mountains, and apparently protecting people’s kidneys. That’s right folks, not only does he work for a kidney research group, he’s also trying to raise $25000 dollars for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

But how does he do this? Well, first he has to win the contest. Then he has to climb 3 mountains. If successful, he will receive a check for $15000 for the Kidney Foundation. He’ll also receive a dollar-for-dollar match (up to $5000) based on money he raises. Add all that up, and it could be a $25000 cheque for the Kidney Foundation.

To win the contest he needs your votes. Currently, thanks to your efforts he is in fifth place. But the contest isn’t over. Not yet at least. We have until Friday to rocket Rick to first place. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Vote for Rick here. Note that you can vote every day on all of your devices and using all of your browsers.
  2. Like the Banff National Park Facebook page here.
  3. Comment on the Banff National Park Facebook page that you think Rick should win.
  4. Spread the word to your friends. Do it. Do it right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

The more votes we get out, the more likely it is that Rick will be able to hand a cheque over to the Kidney Foundation of Canada for $25000.

We can do this. We can make this happen.

Anyway, I’ll leave the last word to Rick. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who think he’s doing an awesome job. He was interviewed this morning by Global Television about this very contest. You’ll find the full interview here.

Go Rick Go!


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