How To Starve A Vampire

Starve mosquitos. Give your blood to someone who really needs it.

In line with yesterday’s post that was all-Guelph-all-the-time I thought I would take the time today to write about yet another awesome Guelph-centric event.

Today, however, is not about a contest. Today is a bit more serious1. Today’s post is about something that we all have in us to give. And that thing is blood.

My friends Dr. Mark and Dr. Julie (@DrMarkKubert and @DrJulieGill, respectively2) have organized a blood drive in Guelph for August 1. For all of the details click here or here. In a nutshell, the event starts at 6pm on August 1. If you are interested in donating (or perhaps just providing cookies/treats to those who are able to donate) the event will take place at The Canadian Blood Services – 130 Silvercreek Pky N, Guelph.

In my opinion – not a vampire.

Of course, not just anyone can donate. There are some basic rules3, most of which are to protect the health of the donor. For example, you need to be 17 or older, healthy – with normal hemoglobin and iron levels, at least 50 kg (110 pounds), and can not have donated within the past 56 days. Apparently dental work, colds, flu, body piercing, and tattooing are also on the list of restricted activities.

For full eligibility information, click here.

Now this, this is a vampire.

Sadly, due to various rules I’m not able to donate. As such, I figured the least I could do would be to put the information out there for any of my readers who might be able to roll up a sleeve and give. Trust me, if I could, I’d donate4.

But don’t let the fact that this is a Guelph blood drive stop you from donating. If you’re not from Guelph, call up your local blood services and find out how you can help.

So go donate, because the alternative is to let a vampire gorge on your tasty red sauce.

And note: I’m not talking about one of those sparkling-pseudo-deep-and-brooding-vampires from a certain book series – I’m talking the hardcore-blood-sucking-no-reflection-no-soul-no-nonsense-garlic-hating-stake-through-the-heart-to-kill-them vampires of the old time-y days. You know, the real vampires.

1 Because people who know me know that I am nothing if not serious. Ha!

2 I’m pretty sure that respectively is redundant. I have a tendency to write it after drafting so many mathematical and statistical papers. Apparently respectively is our crack.

3 These are Canadian rules – I’m not sure what the American rules might be.

4 The last time I donated I passed out before they even got a pint out of me. Apparently I just don’t have that much in me to give.


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