What’s Another Half Kilometre?

After another most excellent breakfast at Bow Valley Grill in the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel1, Rick and I wandered around Banff – taking a stroll down Banff Avenue to do some people watching, grab a coffee from Evelyn’s, and enjoy the crisp mountain air that had descended on the town. It was a casual saunter […]

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Hike. Spa. Repeat.

It’s amazing what a good sleep, an amazing breakfast, and an hour-long sports massage will do for an I-just-climbed-a-mountain weary body. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Rick and I conquered the first of three mountains that we must summit in order for Rick to receive a very palindrome-y cheque for $26762 for The Kidney […]

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The Word Of The Day Is Spoiled

Despite sleeping through my alarm this morning, I managed to make my way successfully to Calgary where I met Rick who was patiently awaiting my arrival. We spent an hour or so in the airport; chatting, feasting on some Timmies sandwiches, and catching up, before we boarded our bus to Banff. The 1.5 hour drive […]

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Counting Down The Hours

In just over 12 hours I’ll be jumping into a Red Car taxi to head to the airport. In just over 15 hours I’ll be safely on board my WestJet flight to Calgary with seatbelt buckled, tray & chair both in their upright position, and all electronic devices securely stowed beneath me or in the […]

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More Stoked Than Stoked

I’ve spent the bulk of my day thinking about, planning, and pulling things together for my big adventure. I still can’t believe I leave on Monday. From the moment Rick notified me of his win, to the last day of the fundraiser, and yes even up until this very moment – just over 36 hours […]

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