I No Longer Care What Day It Is

Hello vacation. My brain is officially off. I no longer care what day it is.

And just like that, dear readers, it’s official. As soon as this post hits the interwebs, I am absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, in mind, body, and spirit on the vacation-iest vacation that I’ve ever vacationed.

How am I celebrating my first night of vacation? By crawling into bed early. I know, I’m a wild man. But in my defence I had a rather late but awesome just-what-the-doctor-ordered scotch-filled night last night1, followed by a rather early and lengthy day filled with meetings and grant related writing2. As such, I’m wiped.

Fortunately, I don’t have to get up early tomorrow. I probably will because I love early mornings, but I don’t have to. Knowing that I can roll over and return to the Land of Nod is phenomenal, absolutely freaking phenomenal. Even better, when I do finally rise I know that I won’t have to worry about grants, or papers, or students, or meetings, or edits, or reports, or teaching, or anything. That makes me so happy I can barely stand it.

Judging by the stupid grin that is currently plastered on my face, I’d say vacation starts now.

1 Mmmm, scotch.

2 Note to self – never ever have a late scotch-filled night the day a grant application (no matter how trivial it might seem) is due. Your brain won’t like it, and you won’t like your brain.

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