My Freaking Out Face Is Terrible

Imagine if you will the following scene (painstakingly recreated for your benefit):

Who’s calling me now?

After wandering the local Metro for food1 and somehow avoiding all sorts of temptation2, Dan3 has just finished filling up a grocery cart with some necessary items for the week. The cart includes such things as bread, fruit, fish, and milk4. The young man at the checkout begins to ring through the order and pack it up when Dan’s phone rings.

He looks at it, wanting to avoid answering should a telemarketer be on the other end.

This is where I recognize that Rick is calling and answer the phone. Oscar worthy performance? I think so.

It’s Rick5.

Dan (answering the phone): Hello.

Rick: Whoa, you sound awful.

Dan (sounding all sexy6): I know. It sounds worse than it is. What’s up?

Rick: So the winner can’t do the Big Mountain Challenge due to eligibility issues. Guess who was in second place?

This is where I slowly began to realize what Rick was saying.

Dan (a cloud of fog slowly melts away): Wait. What?

Rick: I just got the call. I need to know if you are still able to do it. I need to let them know as soon as possible.

Dan: Are you kidding me? Is this serious?

Rick: Yes it’s serious. I just found out. I wouldn’t joke about this. I never call7. I just need to know if you are going to be able to get the time off.

And then it really sunk in, and I seriously started flipping out.

Dan: I don’t care what is going on in my life at that time, I’m so there. Holy shit. I’m freaking out.

Rick: I know. Me too.

And that dear friends is why Rick and I are about to spend the next two weeks raising as much money as we can for the The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Our goal: raise at least $5000 in 2 weeks. For every dollar (up to $5000) raised, Banff Lake Louise Tourism will match dollar-for-dollar. That’s on top of the $15000 that they are already going to give to The Kidney Foundation of Canada. All together, we could raise $25000. And that is freaking amazing!

I’ll be posting more about this in the next day (or possibly later this eve) as information becomes available. I’m still stoked that Rick won. And I’m even more stoked that he still wants me to join him.

I can’t stop smiling.

1 While still feeling like a bag of smashed hammers thanks to the minor plague-like infection I picked up at the cottage.

2 Like oreos, and S’moreos (which are freaking delicious by the way)

3 Played by your’s truly.

4 Almond milk, of course.

5 Rick, of such awesome adventures as this, this, and this.

6 Where sexy is used to mean hoarse and phlegmy, if you really must know.

7 And that is very true. I’m not really a phone person, nor is Rick. We text, we email, we send inappropriate and offensive cards in the mail, but we almost never, ever talk on the phone.


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