The Sleepover To Slumber Party Threshold

It’s a scotchy kind of Friday.

Being that it’s Friday – the end of a long week1 – and given the rock star kind of guy that I am2, you might assume that I’m about to tell you about some awesome crazy plans that I have to celebrate and unwind.

And you’d be correct, if your idea of awesome crazy plans involved a blanket, a couch, a glass of scotch, scratching a wee fuzzball’s belly, and a movie3. Because that, dear readers, is exactly what I have on tap for tonight.

Why have I opted to be such a giant rock star4 this eve? Well, today started early so that I could head off to a 10 hour meeting. To be accurate, the full meeting5 only6 lasted 5 hours. The rest of the time was allotted to travel – but it can’t simply be referred to as travel when the car is full of 4 people who are discussing the meeting during the entire trip. Strategy, agendas, talking points, what to say and when to say it – on the way to the meeting. Analyses, comments, breakdowns, successes and failure – on the way from the meeting.

It’s also this kind of Friday.

Anyway, beyond having a really long day, I still feel rather gross from whatever plague I picked up over the weekend. I’ve decided to be good to my body and just rest. Which means the only partying I’m going to be doing tonight will be of the slumber variety. I can still call it a slumber party if it’s just me and Elliot, right? Or is that a sleepover?

Hmmm, according to my Mac’s trusty dictionary, a slumber party is:

“a party, typically for preteen or teenage girls, in which all the guests spend the night at the house where the party is held.”

Which suggests that I’d be excluded from this type of party for several reasons. Probably best. I’m not sure if I was up for any kind of party tonight.

Night all y’all.

1 Yes, I realize that I only worked two days this week (thank you very much vacation time), but it still felt like a really, really, long week.

2 Okay, okay. You’re right. This statement would probably make more sense if the phrase rock star were replaced by the term nerd. But let’s not get bogged down with semantics.

3 Or perhaps a constant stream of YouTube videos, like this one which I thought was disturbingly hilarious – especially if you know about the “Call Me Maybe” meme that has swept the interwebs over the last little while. The reactions to the “singer” are priceless.

4 Okay, here rock star really needs to be replaced with wussbag or Boring-pants McGee.

5 That being the meeting which would include all intended participants.

6 Pfffft – only!


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