Lazy Is Not My Colour

How I spent the better part of my day.

Today was the laziest day in the history of lazy days. In fact, I was so lazy, I had to take a second nap after my first nap because I was exhausted from my first nap1. Seriously.

I’m fully blaming the remaining plague that is swirling through my body as I can’t honestly think of any other reason to explain why I’m so tired. Needless to say, I’m going to be back in fighting form tomorrow. I have to be.

Why? you ask.

For two reasons actually.

  1. Being this lazy does not become me. Honestly, I feel so pathetic and lethargic that I’m annoyed with myself. I want to punch myself in the face and force myself to go out and do something. But I know that my body needs one more day to really smash this bug into oblivion. I know that because I went out for a short coffee-seeking walk earlier2. The entire adventure – which lasted approximately 60 minutes3 – tired me out so much that I may have had to lie down afterwards and snuggle with the wee fuzzball. I wish I were kidding.
  2. More importantly, tomorrow sees the epic beginning of stage 2 of the Big Mountain Challenge – fundraising for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Clearly I need to be in tip-top form because $5000 won’t just collect itself. At least, I don’t think it will.

Hear that body?

Tomorrow I’m back in control.

1 Okay, I also managed to clean the house, enjoy a planned visit with friends, and kill about eleventy-billion fruit flies that had apparently taken my kitchen hostage overnight.

2 Mmmm, Starbucks Mocha-Coconut Frappuccino.

3 I also picked up some food for the wee fuzzball.


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