Five Thousand Loonies

We can do this!

As most of my readers will know1, I’m going to be joining my friend Rick on an epic adventure to climb three mountains courtesy of the Banff Lake Louise Tourism‘s Big Mountain Challenge Contest. The adventure begins on the 27th of August. Once we’ve successfully climbed each of the peaks, Rick will receive a cheque for $15000 to donate to The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Awesome!

However, we have the chance to raise a lot more. Specifically, Banff Lake Louise Tourism will match dollar-for-dollar any donation that Rick can collect (up to $5000) in a two-week period. This means that if we can manage to collect 5000 loonies by the 26th of August, Banff Lake Louise Tourism will match it. Which means we could be handing over a cheque for $25000 to The Kidney Foundation of Canada. And that’s a lot of loonies!

But how do I donate, Dan?

Excellent question. The easiest thing to do is to pull out a credit card and click here. The link will bring you to Rick’s donation page. You can also click on The Kidney Foundation of Canada logo at the top right of your screen.

For those of you who might not be able to donate, you can help out by getting the news out to everyone you know. Simply tweet this page, share it on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, email it to friends, or chat with people about the contest. Whatever you can do to spread the word and help us raise $5000 in two weeks.

We can do this!

1 Mainly because I’ve been yammering on about this since Rick found out he won.


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