Unfreaking Believable


Sometime this afternoon – around 3 pm based on when Rick sent me the update – we reached the goal of raising $5000 for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. This means that Banff Lake Louise Tourism will – once we hike Cascade Mountain, Sulphur Mountain, and Mount Temple – present Rick with a cheque for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. And not just any cheque. A cheque to the tune of $15000 plus the matching $5000 that you’ve just helped us raise.

That’s $25000 guaranteed to The Kidney Foundation of Canada!

That is freaking unbelievable.

What’s even more impressive is how fast it happened. Let’s recap shall we?

  • The fundraising page (found here) was made available to the interwebs on August 13.
  • I posted about the page on August 13, around 4 pm.
  • By the end of day 1, you’d generously donated a crap-load of dollars.
  • By the end of day 2, you’d doubled that crap-load of dollars into an even bigger crap-load of dollars.
  • By the end of day 3, you’d upped the donation level to about 90% of the goal! Seriously – you people are amazing.
  • By about 3 pm today you’d surpassed 100%.

Let me restate that. In approximately 4 days you have managed to donate over $5000 to The Kidney Foundation of Canada. That is EPIC! And because Banff Lake Louise Tourism is awesome-sauce, they are doubling each and every one of the dollars you donated.

I honestly can’t even begin to describe how awesome it feels to be part of something so amazing. Thank you all for your support.

However, we’re not done. We have until Wednesday night to collect as much money as we can. Any extra dollars collected will be the proverbial icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the extra sprinkles, the holy-shitballs-you-people-are-amazing.

So let’s do this folks. Let’s see if we can’t keep this going, because the money we raise is going to mean a lot to so many people. And who knows, that dollar that you donate might just be that dollar that finds a cure for kidney disease, or prevents another person from developing it. And how amazing would that be?

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