I am exhausted. So much so, that I crawled into bed at 9:30 and I’m fighting to stay awake long enough to write this post. I won’t lie – it’s a bit difficult as I keep finding myself dozing off. It doesn’t help that Elliot is sprawled out across me looking fuzzy and cute as he dreams of chasing mice, or whatever it is that Elliot dreams of.

Hmmm, apparently I just dozed off again. Amazing. It’s somehow 10:09. This is going to be the best post in the history of posts.

I digress.

You might be wondering why I’m so tired. I’d like to say that I ran a half marathon today, or that I did something requiring substantial physical activity. Sadly, neither of these are the case. I awoke today, as I have for the last couple of days, to the sounds of 9 industrial fans and 2 industrial dehumidifiers trying to dry out my normally dry but recently saturated condo. While I can normally sleep through anything, I think I have discovered that I’m not getting the best sleep with the constant drone of the fans. I woke up exhausted.

Now let me describe what I mean when I say exhausted. I woke up after 7 hours in bed, and all I could think was I need more sleep. Regardless, I got up and started cleaning up my kitchen – at least as much of it that I could – and organizing the piles of boxes in my living room. Within a few hours, I had to have a nap. Elliot agreed.

After about a half hour nap, I got up and started cleaning again. Elliot did not seem to be amused, but the boxes weren’t going to organize themselves. Sadly, it wasn’t long before I needed to go lie down again. Seriously.

Sadly, I’ve felt this way all day – do a little work, need to crawl into bed and sleep. I’m thinking that if this continues, I’m going to have to find somewhere else to sleep, somewhere with 9 less industrial fans and 2 less industrial dehumidifiers. I’m really not a fan of feeling this lethargic and exhausted.

Anyway, this is why at the ever so rock-star hour of 9:30 I made my way to bed. And it’s also why, almost an hour later, that I’m finally calling it quits on this post.

Night all y’all.


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