Last Call

Tomorrow – Wednesday August 22nd – is the last day of the Big Mountain Challenge fundraiser for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. At last check you have collectively donated $6402, crushing the goal of raising $5000. And since we’ve met the goal to raise $5000, Banff Lake Louise tourism will match that value.

Putting it all together, and assuming Rick and I summit Cascade Mountain, Sulphur Mountain, and Mount Temple between August 27th and September 4th, Rick Chin’s Big Mountain Challenge will have managed to raise at least $26402.

And that dear friends is amazing! I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it feels to be part of something so freaking incredible.

But we aren’t out of the game just yet. We still have time to raise more money – more money to search for a cure, more money to save countless lives, more money to hopefully prevent anyone else from developing kidney disease. It’s an ambitious goal but it’s something that we can do – if the scientists and researchers and medical professionals have the funds they need to keep searching for answers and bringing us that much closer to a solution.

If you haven’t donated yet but were intending to, please do so now (or before 11:59pm MST Wednesday August 22nd). You can donate by clicking here.

If you have donated or are not able to donate at this time, please share this post via Facebook, Twitter, or word of mouth.

Please also consider signing (or obtaining) your organ donor card. If you are in Canada you can easily register by clicking here. Many people with kidney disease die each year because there aren’t enough kidney donations to go around. And better still – since you have two of them – being a living donor is completely within the realm of possibility.

Thanks again for all of your support. We’ve got one more day of fundraising left – let’s make it a big one.

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