Is It Monday Yet?

And our grand adventure is one day closer. Can you tell that I’m excited about my trip out west to visit Rick and climb three epic mountains? Because if that wasn’t clear, let me state for the record – holy shitballs I’m excited!

In fact, I find myself giggling every now and then throughout the day when I think about what we are about to get ourselves into. Te he!

Yesterday I gave you a rundown of the general schedule. A few of the things on our schedule were news-to-me. That is, while I knew that we’d be climbing Cascade Mountain, Sulphur Mountain, and Mount Temple, I had no idea that we’d

  • be taking a shoreline stroll of Lake Louise with a Heritage Guide,
  • be hiking to the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House to have lunch with the owner and learn about their history,
  • be involved in as large a press event as what is described in the tour package we’ve been provided1.
So freaking beautiful! 

From what I can tell, the shoreline stroll will be exactly that – a guided walk along the shores of Lake Louise where we’ll learn about the history of the area, and the environment around us. It surely will also provide us with ample opportunity for some seriously amazing photos.

The hike to Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House will involve a 5.5km hike from the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel. As with the shoreline stroll, we’re likely to see some amazing natural wonders including waterfalls, glaciers, and of course the mountains surrounding the area. And according to the interwebs, Victoria Glacier is only another kilometre away – so who knows, we may end up there too.

Fortunately we will also have free time to explore Banff and Lake Louise. Which means we may have time to go canoeing, or biking, or any number of the other activities that are offered.

Holy shitballs I can’t wait.

Did I mention that I was excited?

1 At the top of Sulphur Mountain on Monday September 3rd, we’ll be presented with a cheque for The Kidney Foundation of Canada2 by Julie Canning3 and Stuart Hart4. We’ll also be joined by GlobalTV, Banff Crag & Canyon, The Rocky Mountain Outlook, The Calgary Herald, and The Calgary Sun5.

2 I can’t even begin to imagine how amazing that is going to feel.

3 President & CEO of Banff Lake Louise Tourism.

4 Director of Sales & Marketing Development, Banff Lake Louise Tourism.

5 Which means that Rick and I are likely going to be interviewed and photographed. Which also means that we need to look our best. But don’t worry folks, we’ve already discussed this. Mountain climbing is nothing if it’s not stylish. Ha!


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