I Couldn’t Say No

Why? Because my life isn’t full of enough crazy adventuring.

Alright, I realize that I have an epic adventure starting in a few short days – you know, that little thing where I fly out to Calgary to meet up with Rick and then climb a few mountains, all the while raising money and awareness for The Kidney Foundation of Canada – but I have just signed up for something because I absolutely couldn’t say no.

What have you gotten yourself into now, Gillis? you might be asking yourself.

Well, I have just finished registering myself for the Easter Seals Drop Zone.

What the hell is the Easter Seals Drop Zone? you might now be wondering.

I’m glad you asked.

The Easter Seals Drop Zone is an event that occurs in many cities across Canada. The idea – raise $1500 for Easter Seals, and then get the opportunity to rappel down the side of a large building.

So let me summarize: if I raise money for a worthwhile charity that helps children with disabilities, I get to rappel myself down the side of a building?

How can I possibly say no to that? I’m so in.

This is me rappelling into Rats Nest cave last October. Drop Zone will be longer, and in the light of day. W00t!

Since my local Drop Zone event is happening in Kitchener (October 1 for those interested in watching me temp the Fates), I’ll be launching myself off of the Marsland Centre building. For those curious, it’s 13 stories high (which is approximately 150 feet tall according to the interwebs).

Of course I still have to raise $1500. And so, if you are interested in helping me out once again, please go to my donation page (by clicking here, or by clicking on the Drop Zone logo over there to the right) and contribute whatever you can. And if you aren’t able to donate, please spread the word. And perhaps come and watch me dangle my butt over the side of a 13 storey building.


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